Our Process

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Rampante’ Vision Design and Interiors is a full-service interior design firm facilitating total design, management, enhancement, and development of your project. We’re your experts for everything interior and exterior design! Need project advice on the best use of your time, money, or space? If you need help with contractor negotiation- relax, that’s our job, we are your project manager- we want your business, so we have tangible skin in your cost savings game! Need help selecting the most feasible design, paint colors, or that new fountain- we are your total resource for design, creativity, one-off furniture, unique art; consider us your total renovation consultants.     

We have an expansive list of resources and employ a first-rate team of contractors and associates. Or, if you prefer, we can manage your selected contractors, ensuring timely, budget-friendly efforts are being made. By utilizing our team of reliable and trustworthy professional contractors your project will be warrantied to run smoothly, on budget, and on schedule.

Our success is directly attributed to our well-established business planning model, clear communication, and technology.


Each client opportunity enjoys the following one-on-one treatment:

We meet the client at the proposed site to discuss their vision and needs. We will discuss in detail how the client wants the space to function to meet their lifestyle. We will do a walk-through of the space where we will help the client to visualize the required work. Understandably, each client is different. Some want the space planned and completed based off a few wishes, others wish to be part of each detail. Our friendly designers are flexible to meet every project requirement.
Clients are encouraged to bring written ideas, drawings, photos and magazines to help articulate their wishes.

With our client’s first meeting in mind, we work on their inspiration and develop a direction for the design.

The designers come together to dream up and construct the project ideas into a feasible reality.

Designers develop specific strategies and products for each space.

This process gets underway with the selection of specific resources, and architectural elements. A plan is finalized for each room and then continues with the selection of actual products from our collection of rare and hard to find items.

We meet with the client to present our ideas, drawings, resources, etc. The designers continue to meet with the client until they are satisfied with the direction and course of the project. To realize each client’s dreams for their homes, Rampante’ Vision is proud to be among the first in the industry to utilize state-of-the-art 3D modeling and Virtual Reality programs that will allow you to literally view your space virtually!!! We will walk through your house, view options, textures, flooring, different lighting aspects, furniture, and explore a plethora of possibilities. This strategy not only saves you money, but also reduces time and stress, providing a clear path for success!!!!

During this get-together we will ensure final details. The client will also sign approval documentation and/or sign off on any drawings, construction, etc. that is to take place. The initial deposit will be placed to permit the designers to make your dreams a reality.

Most items ordered will be custom designed for your project, so the details are of utmost importance. We check and re-check each order for accuracy. When articles are received, we scrupulously inspect every aspect of each item to ensure that it has been properly made.

The team works with you to find a convenient time to begin installation and construction. These times can be messy and LOUD. It is highly recommended that clients utilize an alternative means of living for the construction period (i.e. painting, demolition, electrical…). We kindly request, all children under the age of 18 be removed from the premises for this stage for health and safety.

To ensure that the project is proceeding as planned, management is onsite, or visits regularly. When appropriate, we begin to install and arrange new fittings and fixtures. Timelines vary project to project, but we will let you know how long yours will take once we are able to calculate a plan. ​

Access to property, mold concerns, issues with permits, and other factors may affect deadlines. 

We often work with clients in all stages of development to add their own special additions to the space by incorporating heirlooms, paintings, and/or other personal items into the design- a designers happiness comes from this challenge!! It’s these treasured items that truly give your home its depth of personality.


The scope of the project determines the fee.


Basic Consultation

In-person consultation with written analysis and recommendations $270 flat fee.

Professional Design Consultation

In depth analysis, planning, and 3D renderings start at $450

** Includes 1.5-hour basic consultation.